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Installing from setup.exe file:
Win32 users who do not wish to bother with source can simply download the setup file and run it. Métamorphose will install like any other win32 program, and will be accessible from the start menu.

Installing from source:
Pre-install appropriate version of wxPython (some systems may already have this):

Unzip sources in desired location. If you are using Linux, navigate to the directory and type (as root):
$ make all

How to run:
Execute 'metamorphose.py' with Python interpreter within the 'metamorphose' folder.
As of version 0.3.0, you may specify a directory to open up.
Spaces are allowed, so something like the following will work:
$ python Metamorphose.py /srv/samba/Windows Likes Spaces

Some extra Linux info:
The makefile should take care of everything for you, it is architecture and distro independant.
Métamorphose will be installed in /usr/share/metamorphose, you can run it with
$ metamorphose
and the man page with
$ man metamorphose
If you are using a freedesktop.org compatible window manager (like Gnome or KDE), there should be an entry in 'Applications -> Accessories'.

How to remove Métamorphose:
Windows Installer:
Run the uninstall or remove from 'add or remove programs' in the control panel.

Sources (all):

Sources (Linux & FreeBSD):
$ make remove
To remove all user files as well:
$ make remove remusr=1

Help me help you:
You can help the Métamorphose project by submitting user feedback.

Tested Operating Systems:
Run Compiled:
Windows 95, 98, ME: Stable with Métamorphose v0.2.3a and LOWER. Starting with 0.3.0 there are some issues, like crashes when trying to access top menus.
Windows 2k, XP, 2k3: Stable, supports themes.

Run from source:
Windows 2k, XP, 2k3: Stable, supports themes.
Linux 2.6 - GNOME: Stable, supports themes.
Linux 2.6 - KDE: Stable.
Mac OSx86: Stable, supports themes.
FreeBSD 5.5 - Window Maker: Mostly stable. Choosing to close out when changing language may lock up app, but language is changed properly once you kill and restart. Also dropdown boxes don't trigger events properly.
FreeBSD 6.2 - Fluxbox: Stable.

Some known issues:
Program locks up when 'walking' a large number of files/folders:
Not really locked up, but the time it takes to process entries can be long if you are loading many items. During this process the application doesn't refresh, giving the appearance of being locked up but is actually working on stuff.
The time in this state is dependent on your computer, whether the directory is on a local drive or a network share, and of course the number of items.

Python error - "cannot set locale to 'xx_XX' ":
Applies to Linux desktops only. Make sure you have installed support for that language, as some distros (like Ubuntu) do not install language support for any other besides the install language.

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